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Why consider Silverstar Analytics?

Seamless CCTV integration

We will dramatically improve your loss prevention efforts by bringing together advanced data analytics with pin-point visual evidence within a single system.


By seamlessly integrating with surveillance videos systems (CCTV) we provide irrefutable visual evidence for any action. This allows clarity on the context of the event, allows a strong case to be built quickly and a solid basis to take the appropriate training, disciplinary or legal action.


Our product contains 60+ prebuilt policies, comprehensive drilldown reports and high quality pdf reporting. Everything you need to understand staff behaviour within your establishment.


You get comprehensive reporting as standard with no separate tools required. Reports can be generated interactivity or scheduled to be delivered to you directly. Reports are in a high quality, graphical layout in the industry standard pdf format.

Simple deployment

By using a cloud based platform, there is little to no deployment cost. No servers, No back office systems. At most deployment consists of a small, simple, purposely designed agent that gathers transaction data either from your existing back office systems or tills directly.


Our agent is compatable with nearly all till software, devices and CCTV systems. Network usage is minimal allowing deployment in the most restrictive of IT enviroments.

Modern purpose-built

Our solution has been built from the ground up using the most modern of technologies for the sole purpose of providing a ground breaking user activity management solution.


Access our solution from any modern device from any location. Never lose touch with what is happening within your business and your cash irrespective of where you are. We support all mobile devices including iphones, ipads, Android smartphones and tablets as well as the more traditional desktop PCs and laptops.

As well as our solution being cutting edge so are our commercial terms. In short


  Monthly subscription

  No long running contracts

  No hidden fees

  Pay for what you use


Our pricing is simple and fair.

Excellent commercial terms

Our purpose-built retail loss prevention solution allows you to identify quickly and remediate staff policy violations at the till. Our powerful analytics pin-points exactly where you should be investigating. By fully integrating with CCTV, every incident is accompanied with irrefutable visual evidence of what actually happened and by whom. Over time you can integrate further systems (e.g. access control, cash counting machines, HR systems) to build a holistic user activity management system.

Our solution can grow with you

Our platform allows you to integrate further devices to provide an holistic user activity management solution. Example integrations


 Access control so you can track movement of employees.

 Back office devices like cash counting machines.

 RFID system so you can track movement of goods.

 HR systems so you can have 100% visibility into employees.

  Logistic systems so you can track delivery into your stores.


All with advance data analytics and integrated CCTV to provide irrefutable visual evidence.

Powerful analytics

Quickly detect, investigate, and reduce your losses from fraud and noncompliance. Using advanced policy driven processing, we analyze transaction data, find policy voliations,  outliers, abnormal behaviour and identify patterns that may indicate fraud or theft.


Using flexible forensics capabilities you can isolate activity down to the level of a location, register, or individual. Understand the sequence of actions or review all similar activity over recent history.

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Contact us now to discuss how you take your loss prevention efforts to the next level.