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What are retailers saying about us?

We are proud to have a great range of retailers using Silverstar Analytics right across the world. Here are just a few of the great reviews we have received from our retailers. We have many more reviews like this - give us a call and ask for a demonstration where we can give you more testimonials.



Just a few of the great reviews we have received from our retailers

Jam Factory, Oxford, UK.

Andrew Norton in his own words.


“When recruiting new staff, I spend significant amount of time to ensure that I only employ those who meet my requirements. My staff turnover is low and I trust my staff. Within weeks of deploying Silverstar Analytics it was clear that one of my members of staff was manipulating the till for their own benefit. I was shocked.”


“I highly recommend Silverstar Analytics for all retailers.”

Understand how Silverstar Analytics can drastically improve your loss prevention efforts and return money to your bottom line

star1 - with alpha JamFactory

“Deployment was quick and effortless. Using the cloud-to-cloud synchronization capability my transactions were being processed in a matter of minutes. CCTV from my existing system was integrated equally easily.”

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