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Silver Star Analytics comes with a versatile interface that you can access from your standard web browser. This analytics console lets you view key metrics to a very fine level of granularity, making the information you need easily available in the form that works best for you.

Drill downs


Easily identify policy violations by location, till, operator or action. Powerful filtering and sorting capabilities allow you to quickly focus in on the till manipulation fraud within your organization.

Transaction forensics

Review all transactions within your organisation, easily filtering and sorted to identify abnormal activity.

Transaction properties

Suspected instances of fraud are prioritized to allow users to instantly identify the highest risk store, cashier or risk area effecting your organization. Users can change the focus to any of these areas and drill through to the underlying transactions, quickly and simply.


Using the pre-built policies, you can quickly add additional risk analysis policies which classify all relevant information from your tills.

Policy editing

Silver Star Analytics comes with 60+ prebuilt polices covering all types of till manipulation fraud. Easily edited to customize to your exact needs.

Till properties

Add till information and properties to allow you to fine tune your polices.

Camera properties

Add camera information and properties to allow you to fine tune collection of visual evidence.


Using flexible drill-down capabilities, Silver Star Analytics highlights suspious activity down to the level of a location, till or operator. Especially where a significant loss may be imminent, they can monitor suspect activity to verify whether fraud is occurring or determine if an issue can be resolved with additional training.

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