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Operational management for Kounta POS

Real time operational data analytics

Our solution is fully integrated with Kounta and takes minutes to setup. With our unique cloud-to-cloud synchronization all relevant data is transferred within seconds to our analytics engine for processing.


This data is available immediately to give you real-time performance monitoring of your retail business.


Understand sales in real-time. Our powerful analytics and forensics features make it easy to understand your business.

Smart surveillance using CCTV

We also integrate with CCTV allowing any Point of Sales activity to be visually monitored.


Our analytics can pin-point suspicious or exceptional activity and automatically retrieve relevant clips of CCTV. This visual evidence provides full clarity to context of the activity and irrefutable visual proof.


We support your existing CCTV system, bringing intelligence and remote monitoring to your surveillance.

Live operational management

Track trends and operational performance in real-time. Never loose touch with the overall and detailed performance of your retail business.


Understand the performance of your store or operators irrespective of your physical location.


You get detailed reports as standard with no separate tools required. Reports can be generated interactively or scheduled to be delivered to you directly.

Real-time alerts on unusual activity

Our data analytics automatically identifies irregular activity. Also define additional polices or rules for your own business on what you regard as abnormal or exceptional.


For high severity policy violations, get real time notifications delivered to you. These can be sent to your computer, laptop or smartphone. All critical information of who-when-where and why is clearly presented allowing easy understanding and immediate response.

Loss prevention / staff fraud

Understand precisely what is happening at the Kounta point of sale. We not only process the finalized transaction, but also record all edits to open or re-opened orders. Understand how your staff manipulate till transactions.


In the case of Kounta, the editting of open orders is an extremely effective way of altering a transaction before finalization.  These edits to open orders are effectively invisible within the standard Kounta reporting, opening your business to unidentified fraud.

We provide a rich set of tools for retail operational management, real-time performance monitoring, data analysis and loss prevention to the Kounta community. Our solution is fully integrated with Kounta and takes minutes to setup.

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