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Enterprise user activity management

Big data insights with advanced analytics

Allow our powerful data analytics to quickly locate suspicious, abnormal or out of policy transactions within your establishment. Automatically baselines normal behaviour patterns. Find outliers and differences from known good activity patterns.


Take your data from efficient hindsight to rapid insight. Understand trends and become predictive. Use our automated anomaly detection to find activity worthy of investigation.  

Video analytics and biometrics

Our system can integrate with video analytics and biometric systems to bring you an integrated approach to loss prevention.


We can incorporate events like motion detection, object detection, face and number plate recognition.


By taking data and events from these systems and correlating with your transaction data, we can provide you with a holistic solution to employee fraud.

Automatically baselines behaviour patterns

Automatically baseline activity on a shop, operator or till basis. Understand what is 'normal' behaviour and compare to other groups providing a valuable insight to current activities.


Variations across similar groups can be investigated, locating pockets of best-in-class or worst-in-class behaviour.

Electronic and RFID tags

RFID technology is gaining wide adoption with retailers for inventory management. Our system can integrate with RFID systems allowing items to be tracked and cross referenced to EPoS transactions, bringing this technology to manage shrinkage.


The physical location of goods can be used by our system to automatically select the best camera to collect CCTV visual evidence from.  

Identifies and scores anomalies

Allow our analytics to locate and score anomalies. The scoring provides a 'stack-ranked' list of transactions or events worthy of investigation.


Each highlighted item will have attributes that cause it to deviates from what is standard, normal, or expected within your environment.

Our system can integrate with an access control system to bring you an integrated approach to loss prevention.


By correlating events from access control systems with those of other systems (EPoS, cash counting machines, HR systems, etc) you can quickly determine where discrepancies exist and collect visual evidence.

Access control systems

Our most powerful data analytics combined with our most extensive

array of supported devices. Bring all your electronic events into one system.

Turn data into decisions.

Outliers to normal employee activity

Our analytics automatically defines normal behaviour within your environment. Outliers with significant anomalous attributes will be highlighted to you, for further investigation.


Transactions which are widely separated from the main cluster of normal activity will be highlighted and a score provided to indicate the amount of deviation.

Our system can integrate with a while range of back office systems, including inventory management, HR and financial systems.


In all cases integrating this extra data brings additional refinement and precision to your loss prevention efforts.

Back office systems

Compare to a gold standard

Define a gold standard of activity and measure each store, operator or till aganist it.


Select time period for comparison and quickly identify 'what changed'. Benchmark all stores and operators against a best-in-class data set and determine where they differ.

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Daily baseline

Delta to baseline

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Golden standard

Normal activity

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Golden standard

Golden standard

Retail loss prevention anomaly detection