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Next generation loss prevention

Manage staff behaviour. Maximise profits

Employee theft is a major problem for retailers. Industry reports consistently state that shrinkage can cost up to 40% of profits.


In most businesses 80% of employee fraud takes place at the point of sale - till fraud.

Understand and modify staff actions

You need an effective solution

Easy deployment. Simple licensing

Left unchecked this recurring loss can impare and ultimately impact the viability of your business.

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Research has shown that 25% of employees are totally honest, 25% are totally dishonest and the remaining 50% are swayed by opportunity. Also, many staff do not regard their actions as theft but as a perk of the job.

You need to quickly find these violations and the staff undertaking them. Prompt action will save you money immediately.

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Our product is a next generation loss prevention solution, built from the ground up to solve the age old problem of employee theft. Quickly detect, investigate, and reduce your losses from fraud and noncompliance. All the tools you need wrapped in a modern and intuitive user-interface.

Using flexible drill-down capabilities you can isolate activity down to the level of a location, till, or individual.

solve shrinkage and return cash to the bottom line

Our product is fully cloud based, meaning no server software or hardware to deploy. We work with most tills and CCTV systems on the market.


The systems is always up-to-date and requires no maintenance or updates. We handle that for you.  

Pricing is simple.

Monthly subscription.

No contract.

No hidden fees.

Pay for what you use.

frictionless deployment and delivery using our cloud platform

Our features

Your results

Modern and intuitive web user-interface.

Frictionless deployment.

Dashboard for instant overview.

60+ prebuilt policies covering all common fraud.

A library of standard high quality pdf reports.

Real time alerts and scheduled reports.

CCTV integration.

Drill down reports.

Transaction forensics.

Line item forensics.

Identify employee fraud and collect evidence effortlessly. Sweethearting detection.

Resolve training issues and compliance early and easily.

Measure operational performance.

Easy remote access to monitor on site issues.

Actionable visual evidence - CCTV.

Achieve rapid ROI, within days or weeks.

Return cash to your bottom line.

Next generation loss prevention solution solve shrinkage and sweethearting

Partnership with Transpeye

Transpeye is a leading boutique retail consultancy specialising in Total Loss, Business Intelligence, Data Analysis, Online, Technology and Total Efficiency.

Transpeye provide a 21st Century approach to Risk Management through innovation, technology &

Why SSA for retail loss prevention?

Our purpose-built retail loss prevention solution allows you to identify quickly and remediate staff policy violations at the till. Our powerful analytics pin-points exactly where you should be investigating.  

By fully integrating with CCTV, every incident is accompanied with irrefutable visual evidence of what actually happened and by whom. More

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Why cloud computing for Retailers?

Understand how the cloud computing revolution can bring you an affordable, easy to use, retail loss prevention solution. Simple to deploy, no in-house IT management required all wrapped with modern utility like commercial terms.

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behaviours. Transpeye provide software solutions that analyse device data, connecting with cctv, using a modern cloud platform allowing risks to be revealed anytime, anywhere.

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Silverstar Analytics, a provider of next generation retail business intelligence and forensics solutions, is pleased to announce our partnership with Cloud Hut, a leading retail service provider in South Africa.

Cloud Hut will be allowing SA retailers to retool with the latest cloud based technology thus streamlining their businesses and improving financial performance.

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